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If you would like to learn more about how we may be able to assist you, please click the checkbox next to each item about which you want more information.  We will contact you to arrange a time to discuss your situation.

1. Do you have an overall investment plan or strategy, or do you feel that you have merely a mixture of uncoordinated investment assets?

I want to learn more about developing an overall coordinated investment plan which is strategically designed to meet my current needs and future goals.

I would like to learn more about having my current investment plan reviewed to ensure that it is designed and performing in a manner that will enable me to meet my current needs and future goals.

2.  Would you like all your investments to be listed on just one consolidated statement each month, rather than having numerous companies forwarding many statements from which it may be difficult to determine what you have and your total investment performance?

3. Do you have a Traditional, ROTH and/or Education Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)?

I don’t have any of these IRA’s and would like to have these savings tools explained to me and evaluated to see whether one or a combination of them may be beneficial to me and my family.

I have one or more of these IRA’s and would like to have the investments within my IRA(s) evaluated to ensure that they best meet my goals and needs.

4.  Have you saved enough for your retirement? If not, would you like us to help analyze your needs in this area, and help you develop a plan to meet those needs?

5.  Do you have a plan to save for the education of your children?

I don’t have an education savings plan.  I would like to learn more about developing a plan.

I have an education savings plan.  I’d like to ensure that those savings are invested in a way best designed to meet our needs.

6. Would you have sufficient income to support you and your family in the event your were to become disabled? If not, would you like us to help you evaluate ways to minimize this risk to your family security?

7. Do you know the costs of long-term care and how those expenses could affect your assets or those of  a loved one? If not, would you like us to help you ensure that such expenses would not completely deplete your assets and those of your loved ones?

8. Do you own assets that you believe could be earning higher returns, but are reluctant to sell them and reinvest the proceeds because you fear the taxes associated with selling them? If so, would you like us to explain the options available by which you can realize the full investment potential of those assets?

9. Do you have life insurance to protect your family?

If not, do you have sufficient assets to ensure that your family would be able to maintain their current lifestyle in the event of your death? Would you like us to evaluate whether you need life insurance, and report our conclusions to you?
I have life insurance.  But, I would like to know if it:

is the appropriate amount,
is the right kind of insurance,
is the most cost-effective policy that meets my needs,
will not be included in my estate for federal estate tax purposes.

10. Do you know how much federal estate tax you would owe in the event you and/or your spouse were to die?

Would you like our help in computing this and in helping you reduce your family’s exposure to this tax or otherwise help you provide for its payment?

11. If you are a business owner, do you have a business succession plan?

I would like to learn more about ensuring my business will survive and be passed to others according to my wishes, in the event of my death or disability.
I have a business succession plan.  But, I would you like to ensure that:

the value assigned to my business is still accurate;
the amount of insurance (if any) used to fund my plan is still sufficient, and that the policy best meets my needs; and
the plan itself still meets my needs.

12. If you are a business owner, do you have a retirement savings plan for your business?

I don’t have a retirement plan for my business and would like to learn more.
I have a retirement plan in place for my business.  But, I would like:

to know how to maximize the level of contributions to specific individuals in my company.
help to ensure that we have the best selection of investment alternatives.

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