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CLEAR PERSPECTIVE ADVISORS, LLC was founded by Al Romano, CPA/PFS as a true alternative to the traditional financial services industry.  We are a CSSC EmpoweredSM affiliate. Using Consulting Services Support Corporations’s (CSSC) patented investment advisory process, we provide unique advisory solutions to individuals, businesses and fiduciaries.

It is important to understand that Clear Perspective Advisors and CSSC are not in the traditional financial services industry - not like it has ever before been experienced.

The Key difference lies in the Process - the unique, patented decision assistance technology and methodologies developed by CSSC and used by Clear Perspective Advisors.  With this process, we are able to provide our clients with solutions which give them access to money management teams (both mutual funds and private account management teams) that are not constrained or influenced by relationships, promotional or marketing deals.  This unique process helps ensure that our clients are able to identify, retain, and monitor those money managers that will meet their objectives and investment goals, not the sales goals of the vendor-dominated traditional financial services industry.

Below are some of the key differences between CSSC’s patented process and other firms in the traditional financial services industry.  These differences serve to emphasize the unique principles upon which our firm was established, and which, before being introduced by CSSC Empowered firms such as Clear Perspective Advisors, have never before been seen by the investing community.

  Universal Market Access Constrained Universe
  (to the broadest extent possible)  
  Independence Loyalty to their Firm
  Transparent, Patented Advisory Processes “Opaque” Sales-Based Process
  Client Chooses Preferential Recommendations

We believe our processes must provide universal market access (to the greatest extent possible) in a transparent way which lacks any compromising relationships.

We have NO preferential relationships with product vendors or mutual fund providers - relationships that can produce inherent conflicts of interests which too often tend to degrade performance.

CLEAR PERSPECTIVE ADVISORS is committed to helping our clients find “optimal solutions” to their financial services needs.  Utilizing CSSC’s unique client centric advisory process, transparent pricing structure, and maintaining strict adherence to independence from mutual funds and private account managers as well as the vendors and distributors of financial products, demonstrates our commitment.

The key to defendability, transparency and potentially superior investment performance lies in the Process, and we invite you to see how...

Changing the Process,
Changes the Results®

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For a personalized consultation,
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Al Romano, CPA/PFS

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