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We believe that there are five criteria that should be used to
select an Investment Advisor.
  1. The Advisor must have access to the broadest possible universe of money managers.
  1. The Advisor must have NO compromising relationships with those managers since many believe that those relationships tend to compromise investment performance.
  1. The Advisor must have a transparent process which enables their clients to see a true "head-to-head" comparison of all money management teams in all asset classes. This enables the clients to "see through" the investment advisory process in order to know not only what investments they have, but why they have them.
  1. With over 21,000 mutual funds and thousands of private account money managers available from which to choose in today's market, an Advisor must have access to an on-going process and methodology by which the clients are enabled to analyze, evaluate, select, adjust and replace as necessary those managers which are no longer meeting their targeted investment effect. This Process should be able to provide clients with the answer to the question: "How did our manager perform relative to every other fund or manager with which we could have had our money?"  This process does not exist in the traditional financial services industry, but exists only with Consulting Services Support Corporation and its patented technology and methodologies.
  1. An Advisor must be reputable and of relevant size. But, how relevant is the "size" and "reputation" of the firm? Events over the past few years have demonstrated that these alone do not assure "safety", "integrity", "trustworthiness", or even "greater expertise" of any advisory firm.
We therefore, believe being reputable IS important, but the size of the firm is not a key factor!

We believe that investment advisory representatives at CSSC Investment Advisory Services, Inc. are the only investment advisory consultants to meet all five criteria!

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