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CLEAR PERSPECTIVE ADVISORStrusted, independent advisors providing a full spectrum of financial solutions to clients in a new and fundamentally different way.  Utilizing Consulting Services Support Corporation’s proprietary, patented technology and methodologies, we are creating client experiences that are fundamentally different because our process is fundamentally different.

             Clean, Transparent, Empowering, and Patented Process!
As an independent CSSC EmpoweredSM affiliate, we provide individuals, businesses and fiduciaries a different approach which allows them to make highly informed investment decisions while giving them a unique level of understanding and control of the investment selection and performance monitoring process.

                  “Of all the available investment choices, which one is best for us?”
Clients want to feel confident that they have chosen both correctly and well.  Because the traditional investment advisory process is not “transparent” and the process by which the recommended money managers are selected is seldom explained, most investors find themselves unable to answer this key question:

                         Why this particular manager (as opposed to any others)?
With regard to performance monitoring, the fundamental question is not “How did our managers do?”  Any advisor can tell you that.  It is “How did our managers do relative to all of the others we could have chosen, and how do we know it?”

CSSC’s patented technology and methodologies are radically different from the “advisory” approach of the traditional financial services industry. The result is an experience that can't be done outside of our process or forgotten. Let us show you how truly empowering this process can be for you, your family or your plan. Let us show you how…

Changing the Process,
Changes the Results®

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For a personalized consultation,
please contact
Al Romano, CPA/PFS

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